About Rockpaint Indonesia

ROCK PAINT INDONESIA located in KIIC Industrial Area, Karawang Regency in the Republic of Indonesia, has a business purpose in manufacture and sell of paint and adhesive.

Since the beginning of operation, ROCK PAINT GROUP has moto “Offering a fair price for high-quality paint, we also has been practicing Capital investment, has been practicing the labor saving and automation.

Recently, with the usage of technical power and ‘know-how’, and with the strict process control and production control, we are able to create production system which could supply a stable high quality product.


The one of Rock Paint group in Asia, We will expansion to global scale through our products and marketing to increasing company’s value and give contribute to Indonesia and Asian people.


  1. Producing product which can be trust by customers.
  2. Generate a reasonable profits for prospering of ROCK PAINT INDONESIA and welfare of employee that lead to greater customer’s satisfaction.
  3. Contributing to stakeholders.


  1. Upholding the organization, we should have senses and pride in our jobs as Rock Paint Group employee.
  2. To foreknowledge dangerous and prioritize safety first.
  3. Making workplace environment be safety and clean.
  4. Actively innovating at work for improvement in the organization for personal growth and company.
  5. Communicate vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
  6. Honor and respect the culture and customs in a foreign country and to implement social compliance based on common sense.
Togo Utsumi / 内海 東吾

President Director of Rock Paint Co.,Ltd.

Togo Utsumi

Dear loyal customers, thank you very much for purchasing Rock Paint’s product.

Since the establishment of this company, we have a motto “ To Provide High Quality Paint at Reasonable Price” and with endless technological development and marketing effort, we built a basic business and stable management of debt-free system. Under such basic management and based on the management philosophy “Let the machine do whatever things that can be made by the machine, and let the employee do their best using human’s capability of creation”, we thoroughly pursuit labor saving, rationalization and efficiency.

For that purpose, we introduce new equipment and systemize in increasing productivity, and we are working to applied computerized and online system. With this challenge spirit, we increase market’s information power and develop the products which always suit market needs, such as “Automotive Paint”, “Decorative Paint”, “ Industrial Paint”, “Household Paint”, as well as “Industrial Adhesive”. The problem of global environment is becoming more important each year. Therefore, we are aiming to produce paint which is “Friendly for the people and environment”, and as a member in industrial which provide colors, we plan to do more to fulfill our role.

We are looking forward to your kind support in the future.
Thank you.

Company Profile PT Rock Paint Indonesia

Company Name
May 2011
Jl. Harapan IV Lot KK-9B, Kawasan Industri KIIC, Karawang Jawa Barat, Indonesia
USD 8,760,000
Rock Paint Co., LTD, Japan 99% | Rock Trading Co., LTD, Japan 1%
President Director
Mr. Yoshihide Tsunekawa
Land Area
50.000 m2 (KIIC Industrial Area)

Osaka Headquarters

Postal Code 555-0033,
Osaka Nishiyodogawa Himejima 3 chome No. 47
Telp: 06-6473-1551
URL : www.rockpaint.co.jp

Tokyo Head Office

Postal Code 136-0076, Koto-ku,
Tokyo Minamisuna 2-chome, No. 37 No. 2
Telp: 03-3640-6000
URL : www.rockpaint.co.jp